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“Automatic generation of LEGO building instructions from multiple photographic images of real object ”
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“Shape reconstruction from a normal map in terms of uniform bi-quadratic B-spline surfaces”

“Differential geometry properties of lines of curvature of parametric surfaces and their visualization”
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“Surface Design Based on Direct Curvature Editing”
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The Digital Engineering Laboratory at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yokohama National University was founded in 2003 by Prof. Takashi Maekawa to conduct research on Geometric Modeling & Processing.

Research Area
■ Geometric Modeling
■ Differential Geometry
■ Computational Geometry
■ Reverse Engineering
■ Isogeometric Analysis

Prof. Takashi Maekawa joined the faculty of Yokohama National University as a Professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2003. Before joining YNU, he was as a Principal Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Design and Manufacturing Engineer at Bridgestone Corporation. He holds a Ph.D. from MIT in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing .
There beneath the blue suburban skies

Prof. Takashi Maekawa
Digital Engineering Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Yokohama National University

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OFFICE : Room 401, Building N6-5
PHONE : 81-45-339-3930
EMAIL : maekawa "at"