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■Please check the current Impact Factor of major geometric modeling and computer graphics journals.

"Embedding QR codes onto B-spline surfaces for 3D printing”

“An image processing approach to feature-preserving B-spline surface fairing”

“Soddy's hexlet”

2018 ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling is going to be held at Bilbao, Spain on June 11-13, 2018.

“The making of Dupin cyclide handbag”

“Adaptive direct slicing of volumetric attribute data represented by trivariate B-spline functions”

“Curvature sensitive analysis of axially compressed cylindrical tubes with corrugated surface using isogeometric analysis and experiment”

“Fabrication of freeform objects by principal strips”

“Tool path generation for chamfering drills holes of a pipe with constant width”

“Automatic generation of LEGO building instructions from multiple photographic images of real object ”

“Shape reconstruction from a normal map in terms of uniform bi-quadratic B-spline surfaces”

“Surface Design Based on Direct Curvature Editing”

The Digital Engineering Laboratory at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yokohama National University was founded in 2003 by Prof. Takashi Maekawa to conduct research on Geometric Modeling & Processing.

Research Area
■ Geometric Modeling
■ Differential Geometry
■ Computational Geometry
■ Reverse Engineering
■ Isogeometric Analysis

Prof. Takashi Maekawa joined the faculty of Yokohama National University as a Professor with the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2003. Before joining YNU, he was as a Principal Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Design and Manufacturing Engineer at Bridgestone Corporation. He holds a Ph.D. from MIT in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing .

Prof. Takashi Maekawa
Digital Engineering Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Yokohama National University

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OFFICE : Room 401, Building N6-5
PHONE : 81-45-339-3930
EMAIL : maekawa "at"

Cyclide handbag
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